“If I Ain't Tired, You Ain't Tired. ”



Why Boxing?
Boxing is a great way to get yourself in shape. At Peek-A-Boo, we build strength, endurance, confidence, and coordination in our athletes. Whether you want to become more active or learn how to box, we have the perfect workouts for you. Let Peek-A-Boo Boxing Gym give you the body and energy you are looking for.

Customized programs for everyone
No matter what your age or lifestyle, we can help you get in shape. Get started on your path toward better physical fitness today!

Wanting to take your boxing to another level?
Peek-A-Boo Gym also offers the opportunity to spar as well as fight in tournaments throughout MN and WI. At Peek-A-Boo Boxing Gym we focus on safety. You can rest assured that you will learn how to box safely and won’t enter the ring until you are ready.

What is a typical workout at Peek-A-Boo?

  • 2~ 2-minute rounds of jump rope
    • (Optional: Treadmill or Elliptical)
  • 4~ 2-minute rounds of shadow boxing
    • (2 rounds without weights, 2 rounds with weights)
  • 3~ 2-minute rounds of heavy bag
  • 2~ 2-minute rounds of speed bag
  • 2~ 2-minute rounds of double-end bag (Optional)
  • 2~ 2-minute rounds of medicine ball reflux bag (Optional)
  • 3~ 2-minute rounds of pad work in ring
  • 2~ 2-minute rounds of jump rope
    • (Optional: Treadmill or Elliptical)
  • CIRCUITS (1-minute EACH)
    • Kettle bell (front raise)
    • Kettle bell (side bend)
    • Red box with weighted bar
    • AB roller
    • Medicine ball AB twist
    • Green box with weighted bar
  • OPTIONAL CIRCUITS 1~ 2-minute rounds
    • Stretching (Optional: stretching strap)
    • Battle Rope
    • Bench Press
    • Ladder Drills
    • Tire & Sledgehammer
    • Resistant Bands
    • Slip rope training, kickboxing, sparing, resistant-band punching & running drills.

Peek at an opportunity! Call Peek-A-Boo Boxing Gym today at 715-220-0284 to learn more about our amateur and competition training.