“If I Ain't Tired, You Ain't Tired. ”



Looking for a fun way to lose weight, and gain strength, and agility? Boxing is one of the best fitness regimes out there for a lean, toned, and strong body. Peek-A-Boo Boxing offers boxing lessons and personal training that is perfect for anyone.

What benefits will I see?
You can achieve weight loss, increased agility and coordination, muscle tone and greater fitness overall. Boxing is a cardio work-out for the entire body. It’s especially good for toning and weight loss.

Peek at an opportunity to get into shape!
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Upcoming Events:

Please check back often for upcoming events.



*Bring your Clean dry gym shoes to workout in. Please leave your street shoes in the lobby or locker room. This helps keep our gyms floors clean. Thank you!

*Friday 7/1/22
Hours 4-6pm
(No Boyd)
(Happy 4th of July!)





Sponsors of Peek -A- Boo Boxing Gym:


Jennifer Syverson- Realtor

Todd “Gilby” Gilbertson- Owner


Lori Moran-Owner

Rich Olson

Kristin Jepson- Insurance Agent

KT Brown-Owner




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